Why Birds are bad for Your Business

bird pest control

It may not be apparent to the average person, but birds can be very costly pests to have flying around your building. If your premises are surrounded by bird droppings, your potential customers will take one look and run in the opposite direction. Bird droppings could be all over your business front, on your roof, around your entrance, they could even be on your customer’s cars.

Having birds around is a huge issue faced by all kinds of business owners. The need to remain clean and professional in front of clients and customers is proving to be a huge problem. Aside from the obvious eye sores, bird droppings can be dangerous. Walking on one can lead to a slip or fall which could get you into the wrong end of a lawsuit. As well as this, bird excrement is full of pathogens that are able to cause sickness.

Cleaning areas that have been contaminated by birds must be done with great care and in a hygiene sensitive way. As well as being dangerous to the public, bird droppings are also very acidic, which means that this could ruin the paint work on your building leading to bigger spending on regular paint jobs.

bird guano clean up

Birds are not only responsible for creating eye sores and spreading unwanted risks; they can also damage your equipment. They are able to fly into machinery or contaminate air ducts leading to yet more costs.

If all the above isn’t enough to convince you that birds are huge hazards to the public, then you should know that they carry huge health risks. It’s estimated that birds can transmit over 100 diseases to humans, including diseases like Avian Flu, E.coli, Candidiasis and so many more. The risks presented by the spread of disease through birds could affect your employees, your clients and yourself.

So how can you control these unwanted pests? A few simple bird pest control measures may be all you need to stop a bird invasion before it becomes serious:

  • Bird netting – Netting can be installed to prevent birds from reaching areas where birds are most likely to roost or nest.
  • Spiking systems – Spiking systems are ideal for pipe work and building ledges and help to deter birds from roosting on your building.

For expert advice on combatting your bird problems, contact PWC UK today. As well as providing specialist pressure washing services to rid your premises of guano build-up, our IRATA trained team are also highly experienced in installing a range of bird pest control solutions. Call today on 0344 257 1967 to arrange for our specialists to assess the situation and develop a plan to ensure wildlife safety as well as taking care of your pest control problem.