3 Reasons That You Should Be Investing In Regular Pressure Washing For Your Business

Pressure washing is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways of significantly improving the appearance of your business premises. Here we look at 3 of the most important reasons for investing in pressure washing services for your business.


Attract people to your business


A huge amount of attention is payed to marketing a business and rightly so, it’s essential to increase awareness of your brand to be successful. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that your actual physical building can be one of your most effective marketing tools. Your building needs to be the best it can be and keeping the exterior clean is a big part of this. By investing in regular pressure washing services, you can make sure that your building stays inviting for customers and potential customers.

A dirty, and un-maintained building is a sign of neglect, which can give a bad impression to potential customers. It doesn’t matter if the inside of your premises are pristine, bad first impressions may prevent people from ever crossing the threshold.

It’s not just the walls and windows of your business that it’s important to keep clean. To have the best chance of attracting people to your business, it’s just as important to invest in your carparks and walkways. To keep your business looking its best, it’s always wise to call a professional pressure washing service.


Make maintaining your business an easier job


The longer you leave it in between cleans, the more work it is to get your building back to a presentable state. By keeping a regular pressure washing schedule, there is less build-up of dirt and grime on the exterior of your building, car park and walkways. Each time the professionals come, you can be sure that they will be able to carry out their work quickly and efficiently.

A clean building is also less likely to need repairs. By keeping your exteriors maintained, there is less likely to be hefty maintenance and repair bills in the future.

Improve hygiene

As a business owner, it’s your duty to ensure the wellbeing of your customers, but also your staff. As well as dirt and grime from weathering and air pollution, bird droppings can be a big problem for a lot of businesses. Bird droppings not only look unsightly, but they are extremely unhygienic and carry a lot of germs or even diseases.

Pressure washing, alongside other bird pest control services, provides an ideal solution to clean away bird droppings on a regular basis, helping to improve the appearance of a business but also considerably improving hygiene and reducing health hazards.

At PWC UK, we have many years of experience in hot water pressure washing, tackling buildings of all sizes, as well as block paving and other walkways. Our experts are IRATA trained for working at height, no there is no obstacle that we can’t overcome.

Call us today on 0344 257 1967 to discuss your pressure washing needs.

Why Birds are bad for Your Business

bird pest control

It may not be apparent to the average person, but birds can be very costly pests to have flying around your building. If your premises are surrounded by bird droppings, your potential customers will take one look and run in the opposite direction. Bird droppings could be all over your business front, on your roof, around your entrance, they could even be on your customer’s cars.

Having birds around is a huge issue faced by all kinds of business owners. The need to remain clean and professional in front of clients and customers is proving to be a huge problem. Aside from the obvious eye sores, bird droppings can be dangerous. Walking on one can lead to a slip or fall which could get you into the wrong end of a lawsuit. As well as this, bird excrement is full of pathogens that are able to cause sickness.

Cleaning areas that have been contaminated by birds must be done with great care and in a hygiene sensitive way. As well as being dangerous to the public, bird droppings are also very acidic, which means that this could ruin the paint work on your building leading to bigger spending on regular paint jobs.

bird guano clean up

Birds are not only responsible for creating eye sores and spreading unwanted risks; they can also damage your equipment. They are able to fly into machinery or contaminate air ducts leading to yet more costs.

If all the above isn’t enough to convince you that birds are huge hazards to the public, then you should know that they carry huge health risks. It’s estimated that birds can transmit over 100 diseases to humans, including diseases like Avian Flu, E.coli, Candidiasis and so many more. The risks presented by the spread of disease through birds could affect your employees, your clients and yourself.

So how can you control these unwanted pests? A few simple bird pest control measures may be all you need to stop a bird invasion before it becomes serious:

  • Bird netting – Netting can be installed to prevent birds from reaching areas where birds are most likely to roost or nest.
  • Spiking systems – Spiking systems are ideal for pipe work and building ledges and help to deter birds from roosting on your building.

For expert advice on combatting your bird problems, contact PWC UK today. As well as providing specialist pressure washing services to rid your premises of guano build-up, our IRATA trained team are also highly experienced in installing a range of bird pest control solutions. Call today on 0344 257 1967 to arrange for our specialists to assess the situation and develop a plan to ensure wildlife safety as well as taking care of your pest control problem.

Fighting the Menace of Graffiti – Graffiti Cleaning Service from PWC UK

Whilst some graffiti can be regarded as street art, with skilled artists commissioned to decorate public buildings, for the most part, it describes the illegal spray painting of council owned properties or local business premises. A large percentage of the time, graffiti is a real mess of crude scribbles and tags.

Although graffiti can have a really negative impact on the aesthetics of your building, it’s also very difficult to remove as soap and water just don’t do the job. So if graffiti is a problem for your business, it’s worthwhile to call in the experts. At PWC UK, we use high-pressure water-cleaning equipment to completely remove graffiti from your building. As we use only non-hazardous graffiti cleaning chemicals, we can do so without causing any harm to the underline façade.

graffiti removal service

The best news is that once graffiti is removed, we can then apply a protective, anti-graffiti coating to your building. Although this doesn’t prevent graffiti completely, it makes graffiti cleaning much easier in the future, should your building be affected again.

If you aren’t convinced that your building needs graffiti removal, here are some of the main benefits of hiring a professional graffiti removal and cleaning service:

  • Win over new customers – whilst the old saying is that you should never judge a book by its cover, the truth is that first appearances always count. If you are hoping to win over new customers, a neat, clean and well-kept building helps to create a positive impression of your business. If you are looking to attract new customers, graffiti removal is a must, as a scruffy building just won’t cut it in most cases.
  • Protect the value of your building – Aesthetics can have a big effect on the value of your property. If you own your business premises and may decide to sell at some point should you need to move into a different building, graffiti can send the message to potential buyers that your building isn’t well looked after and isn’t a worthwhile buy.
  • Professionals can get the job done quickly and safely – graffiti removal experts have the right equipment to get the job done as quickly as possible. As they are experienced and covered by liability insurance, you can rest assured that your building won’t be damaged.
  • Minimise future graffiti and other crimes – one bit of graffiti can often attract more. If one person has already spray painted your building, another person is likely to see your building as a safe place to spray. Graffiti can also send out a message to other criminals, saying that as your building is tagged, the area is unlikely to be monitored by law enforcement, so it’s safer to commit other crimes. Cleaning up your building can play a big part in making your street or neighbourhood safer from crime.
  • Protect the structure of your building – over time, spray paint weakens your building’s layer of protection against weathering. The longer you ignore graffiti, the deeper it penetrates the surfaces of your walls and damages the underlying material.

If graffiti is a problem for your business, call us today on 0344 257 1967. We are proud to provide a rapid response graffiti cleaning service to ensure your building is cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Is Your Building In Need Of a New Year’s Makeover?

With the New Year comes the opportunity to make a fresh start and look to make a few changes to help advance your business. For any business, making a good first impression is essential, so as well as changing the way you do things, it’s worthwhile to also see what aesthetic changes you can make. If your premises are in need of cleaning services, routine maintenance or even a new coat of paint, why not start the year fresh?

Industrial painting services

Sometimes giving your building a makeover can be as simple as investing in a new lick of paint. However, we understand that industrial painting isn’t necessarily a simple job – in most cases, there are a number of obstacles involved in painting buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Access is often a problem, especially when working at height is involved. Hydraulic platform machines allow operatives to access difficult to reach surfaces, but when the building involved is past a certain height, or there are obstacles at floor or roof level, rope access provides the most efficient and safest solution.

IRATA trained industrial painters can be suspended by rope from an anchor point on the exterior or interior of a building, allowing safe access to even the most tricky surfaces to prep, prime and paint, leaving the building’s appearance looking much improved.

Rope access industrial painting also helps to ensure an absolute minimal level of disruption for your business. As no large machinery is needed, very little room is taken up throughout the painting process when working at height, so in most cases, your business will be able to continue with all day-to-day activities.

Cladding restoration

In heavily built up areas, traffic pollution combined with weathering can quickly leave a building looking dirty and unsightly. Dirt and grime becomes engrained in the concrete over time, leaving buildings looking much less than their best. The good news is that by investing in cladding restoration services, your building can be returned to its original image.

Whether your building requires a full cladding restoration service, or a regular cleaning and maintenance service, by keeping your cladding clean, you can benefit from protecting your building. By ignoring the build-up of dirt, you are much more likely to be faced with expensive repair and restoration costs at some point in the future.

Rope access services from IRATA trained operatives can make sure that all cladding surface can be tackled. Attention to detail is key to cladding restoration and maintenance; awkward corners, bolts, ledges and fittings are no exception.

If your building is in need of a makeover for the New Year, visit the PWC UK website to learn more about our range of services, or call now on 0344 257 1967 for a free no obligation quotation.

National Maintenance Week 2016

The 18th to the 25th November 2016 is National Maintenance Week, a campaign to encourage all kinds of building owners to be aware of the regular care that a property needs to stay in good condition. Whilst domestic properties commonly need work doing, it’s important for businesses to recognise that commercial properties also need regular maintenance.

If you are commercial property owner, National Maintenance Week is a great time to start thinking about taking care of your building, from giving the windows a good clean, to clearing your gutters or even making some much needed repairs. PWC UK are highly experienced in providing a number of maintenance solutions for business properties throughout the UK. No building is too big a challenge and our IRATA trained operatives can provide safe access solutions for high rise buildings.

Window cleaning

We’ve specialised in window cleaning for more than 20 years. We can use a wide range of access methods to provide safe, economical and high quality commercial window cleaning services. To accomplish great results, we use a number of different methods, such as water fed poles, rope access, cradle access and mobile elevated working platforms, depending on the building that we are working on.


Building and cladding maintenance

Our IRATA trained operatives can provide a wide range of general maintenance services for the exterior of a building, including majestic insertion, rendering and repointing. For buildings with exterior cladding, we can provide a complete professional cladding restoration service, or regular cladding cleaning services to keep your building looking its best and staying protected.

cladding maintenance

Pressure washing

We can provide a wide range of pressure washing services for your grounds and building. Using our hot water pressure washing technology, we can tackle block paving, graffiti removal, stonework, building facades, moss and algae removal and a number of other cleaning services. Using our rope access technology, we can provide essential maintenance for high rise buildings.


Gutter cleaning

Failing to clear your guttering on a regular basis can lead to the build-up of foliage, bird’s nests, moss and algae. These problems can lead to leaks, dampness and flooding that can be expensive to fix. We can provide a high standard of commercial gutter cleaning to suit your business requirements.

To provide an efficient gutter cleaning service, we can use a gutter vacuum to remove loose debris and pressure washing to wash away any other more stubborn leaves, moss, algae or even bits of roofing tile or brick. A thorough gutter clean will help your guttering to function properly, helping to protect your business property.


Bird pest control and cleaning

Bird pest control can be a big problem. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but can cause damage to your building, dislodge roofing tiles and cladding, block guttering and put employees and visitors at risk of disease and illness. We can use hot water pressure washing to clean away guano and provide a number of control and prevention installations to help stop a repeat of the problem.

If National Maintenance Week has got you thinking about important maintenance for your building, call PWC now on 0344 257 1967 for a free no obligation quotation or email info@pwc.uk.com.