Is Your Building In Need Of a New Year’s Makeover?

With the New Year comes the opportunity to make a fresh start and look to make a few changes to help advance your business. For any business, making a good first impression is essential, so as well as changing the way you do things, it’s worthwhile to also see what aesthetic changes you can make. If your premises are in need of cleaning services, routine maintenance or even a new coat of paint, why not start the year fresh?

Industrial painting services

Sometimes giving your building a makeover can be as simple as investing in a new lick of paint. However, we understand that industrial painting isn’t necessarily a simple job – in most cases, there are a number of obstacles involved in painting buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Access is often a problem, especially when working at height is involved. Hydraulic platform machines allow operatives to access difficult to reach surfaces, but when the building involved is past a certain height, or there are obstacles at floor or roof level, rope access provides the most efficient and safest solution.

IRATA trained industrial painters can be suspended by rope from an anchor point on the exterior or interior of a building, allowing safe access to even the most tricky surfaces to prep, prime and paint, leaving the building’s appearance looking much improved.

Rope access industrial painting also helps to ensure an absolute minimal level of disruption for your business. As no large machinery is needed, very little room is taken up throughout the painting process when working at height, so in most cases, your business will be able to continue with all day-to-day activities.

Cladding restoration

In heavily built up areas, traffic pollution combined with weathering can quickly leave a building looking dirty and unsightly. Dirt and grime becomes engrained in the concrete over time, leaving buildings looking much less than their best. The good news is that by investing in cladding restoration services, your building can be returned to its original image.

Whether your building requires a full cladding restoration service, or a regular cleaning and maintenance service, by keeping your cladding clean, you can benefit from protecting your building. By ignoring the build-up of dirt, you are much more likely to be faced with expensive repair and restoration costs at some point in the future.

Rope access services from IRATA trained operatives can make sure that all cladding surface can be tackled. Attention to detail is key to cladding restoration and maintenance; awkward corners, bolts, ledges and fittings are no exception.

If your building is in need of a makeover for the New Year, visit the PWC UK website to learn more about our range of services, or call now on 0344 257 1967 for a free no obligation quotation.