National Maintenance Week 2016

The 18th to the 25th November 2016 is National Maintenance Week, a campaign to encourage all kinds of building owners to be aware of the regular care that a property needs to stay in good condition. Whilst domestic properties commonly need work doing, it’s important for businesses to recognise that commercial properties also need regular maintenance.

If you are commercial property owner, National Maintenance Week is a great time to start thinking about taking care of your building, from giving the windows a good clean, to clearing your gutters or even making some much needed repairs. PWC UK are highly experienced in providing a number of maintenance solutions for business properties throughout the UK. No building is too big a challenge and our IRATA trained operatives can provide safe access solutions for high rise buildings.

Window cleaning

We’ve specialised in window cleaning for more than 20 years. We can use a wide range of access methods to provide safe, economical and high quality commercial window cleaning services. To accomplish great results, we use a number of different methods, such as water fed poles, rope access, cradle access and mobile elevated working platforms, depending on the building that we are working on.


Building and cladding maintenance

Our IRATA trained operatives can provide a wide range of general maintenance services for the exterior of a building, including majestic insertion, rendering and repointing. For buildings with exterior cladding, we can provide a complete professional cladding restoration service, or regular cladding cleaning services to keep your building looking its best and staying protected.

cladding maintenance

Pressure washing

We can provide a wide range of pressure washing services for your grounds and building. Using our hot water pressure washing technology, we can tackle block paving, graffiti removal, stonework, building facades, moss and algae removal and a number of other cleaning services. Using our rope access technology, we can provide essential maintenance for high rise buildings.


Gutter cleaning

Failing to clear your guttering on a regular basis can lead to the build-up of foliage, bird’s nests, moss and algae. These problems can lead to leaks, dampness and flooding that can be expensive to fix. We can provide a high standard of commercial gutter cleaning to suit your business requirements.

To provide an efficient gutter cleaning service, we can use a gutter vacuum to remove loose debris and pressure washing to wash away any other more stubborn leaves, moss, algae or even bits of roofing tile or brick. A thorough gutter clean will help your guttering to function properly, helping to protect your business property.


Bird pest control and cleaning

Bird pest control can be a big problem. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but can cause damage to your building, dislodge roofing tiles and cladding, block guttering and put employees and visitors at risk of disease and illness. We can use hot water pressure washing to clean away guano and provide a number of control and prevention installations to help stop a repeat of the problem.

If National Maintenance Week has got you thinking about important maintenance for your building, call PWC now on 0344 257 1967 for a free no obligation quotation or email