Fighting the Menace of Graffiti – Graffiti Cleaning Service from PWC UK

Whilst some graffiti can be regarded as street art, with skilled artists commissioned to decorate public buildings, for the most part, it describes the illegal spray painting of council owned properties or local business premises. A large percentage of the time, graffiti is a real mess of crude scribbles and tags.

Although graffiti can have a really negative impact on the aesthetics of your building, it’s also very difficult to remove as soap and water just don’t do the job. So if graffiti is a problem for your business, it’s worthwhile to call in the experts. At PWC UK, we use high-pressure water-cleaning equipment to completely remove graffiti from your building. As we use only non-hazardous graffiti cleaning chemicals, we can do so without causing any harm to the underline façade.

graffiti removal service

The best news is that once graffiti is removed, we can then apply a protective, anti-graffiti coating to your building. Although this doesn’t prevent graffiti completely, it makes graffiti cleaning much easier in the future, should your building be affected again.

If you aren’t convinced that your building needs graffiti removal, here are some of the main benefits of hiring a professional graffiti removal and cleaning service:

  • Win over new customers – whilst the old saying is that you should never judge a book by its cover, the truth is that first appearances always count. If you are hoping to win over new customers, a neat, clean and well-kept building helps to create a positive impression of your business. If you are looking to attract new customers, graffiti removal is a must, as a scruffy building just won’t cut it in most cases.
  • Protect the value of your building – Aesthetics can have a big effect on the value of your property. If you own your business premises and may decide to sell at some point should you need to move into a different building, graffiti can send the message to potential buyers that your building isn’t well looked after and isn’t a worthwhile buy.
  • Professionals can get the job done quickly and safely – graffiti removal experts have the right equipment to get the job done as quickly as possible. As they are experienced and covered by liability insurance, you can rest assured that your building won’t be damaged.
  • Minimise future graffiti and other crimes – one bit of graffiti can often attract more. If one person has already spray painted your building, another person is likely to see your building as a safe place to spray. Graffiti can also send out a message to other criminals, saying that as your building is tagged, the area is unlikely to be monitored by law enforcement, so it’s safer to commit other crimes. Cleaning up your building can play a big part in making your street or neighbourhood safer from crime.
  • Protect the structure of your building – over time, spray paint weakens your building’s layer of protection against weathering. The longer you ignore graffiti, the deeper it penetrates the surfaces of your walls and damages the underlying material.

If graffiti is a problem for your business, call us today on 0344 257 1967. We are proud to provide a rapid response graffiti cleaning service to ensure your building is cleaned quickly and efficiently.