Building Maintenance & Repairs

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PWC UK can provide a wide range of building repairs and maintenance applications to replace or fix for existing and new builds.

Mastic Insertion:

Water ingress is a common maintenance problem on buildings over 20 years old due to degraded mastic. Whilst the repair or replacement of mastic is a straightforward exercise, gaining safe access to the work area can be difficult. PWC UK have the answer.

Rendering / Repointing:

When repointing or rendering buildings a cradle is not always available or the maintenance area may not be accessible using the cradle. Furthermore close access is required to ensure that material does not fall onto the street below. Scaffolding may be prohibitively expensive for what would otherwise be a straightforward maintenance job. PWC UK have the answer.

Look at an example below:


Client: Major UK painting contractor.

Problem: System scaffold is too costly and hydraulic platforms can not access many of the areas where painting needs to be carried out.

Solution: A team of rope access technicians with portable roof – rigging equipment set up and painted the panels to the client’s desired specifications.

Result: Painting contractor was very happy. The work was completed 3 days earlier than planned.

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