Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Commercial Gutter Cleaning | PWC UK

 Leaking? Damp? Flooding?

All of these can occur if your gutters are left without regular maintenance, resulting in blockage. 

 Reasons Gutter Blockage can buildup:


PWC UK provide a high standard of Commercial Gutter Cleaning. Our seasoned & experienced staff can provide you with an excellent gutter cleaning service using the best quality in GutterVac Technology!

We use 3 Systems combined to perform a total safe high level clean

View, and Fully Clean Guttering – with your feet on the ground! This fits well within the Working at Height Regulations.

1. Gutter Vacuum – External cleaning to:- Guttering, Down-pipes, Beams, Ledges, clear dog-ends, litter etc. from entrance area roofs etc using pole system gutter cleaning. Internal High Level Cleaning :- Factories, Warehouses, Airports, Shopping Centres, Schools,Universities, etc.

2. Pressure wash gutters, stone, brickwork etc.12 meters high
     (up to 15 meters with two operatives)

3. View, Record and Burn DVD’s of high level surveys of guttering, down-pipes, roofing, chimneys etc by using the Omni-Cam pole camera and DVR digital video recorder.


  •  Easy and best guttering clean using the gutter machine.
  •  Vacuum dust and debris from high level ledges and ceilings.
  •  Pressure wash Stone, Concrete, Cladding, Gutters
  •  Remove graffiti from bridges etc.
  •  View and digital video record before and after maintenance with pole camera DVR-  then burn a DVD of the results.
  •  Carry out roofing height surveys without your feet leaving the ground.


Commercial Gutter Cleaning | PWC UK

Gutters direct rainfall away from buildings to protect the property together with the foundations. Commercial Gutter cleaning helps avoid costly repairs and roof damage. Gutter systems should be ideally thoroughly cleaned twice a year. 

First, a survey can be carried out using the Cam to establish the areas of guttering that require cleaning. A recording of the survey both before and after the clean may be made to show interested parties. The DVD may then be passed to your client and stored for future reference.

The Cam survey can record other problems to the building structure that could not otherwise be seen without scaffolding or ladders, like missing roof tiles, loose brickwork etc. Read more about the GutterVac

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High Level Pressure Washing

Did you know that your, cladding, soffits, brick and stonework can all be easily cleaned using Pressure Washing? Even high level graffiti can be removed! We are highly experienced at Pressure washing at height.

See Some Past Examples of our high access pressure washing!