Industrial Painting

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Industrial Painting is a Major Part of our Business

Industrial Painting | Clients turn to us to bring freshness and new life into buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our fully trained staff pay close attention to the finer details to ensure the job is done right first time.

  • Ranging from Low Budgets – Large Scale Industrial Budgets.

We also take great pride in our industrial painting work, and carefully adhere to specifications, customer care and health and safety.

This attention to detail and our total focus on quality adds value to clients and ensures complete peace of mind that the job is in good hands.

PWC UK view it as high importance with industrial painting to take account of our surroundings – sensitivity is just as important as progress, and our staff are trained to work in a manner that reduces the potential for disruption. this enables organisations to carry on with their day-to-day activities, with minimal interference to routine from the industrial painting work.



Client: Construction Company

Problem: Access to many of the steel beams, as they could not be accessed by hydraulic platform machines. Also the machines were proving to be slower than accessing for rope access techniques.

Solution: A team of 9 fully qualified rope access technicians, trained in rope access industrial painting, were prepping, priming and painting steels using aiding techniques.

Result: Work successfully completed, in a fraction of the time, to the complete & total satisfaction of the client.

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