Commercial Window Cleaning

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PWC UK are a Commercial Window Cleaning contractor established for over 20 years.

Commercial Window Cleaning is second nature to us. We have been doing it for over 20 years, and were good at it. PWC UK present every form of glazing and facade cleaning and access methods. You can be sure that we will provide high quality, safe and economical method of commercial window cleaning.

To accomplish this we use a variety of methods & technologies to do our Commercial Window Cleaning. Methods such as: Cradle Access,Water Fed Poles (Reach and Wash Systems), Rope Access, and MEWPS (mobile elevated working platforms).


Commercial window cleaning using Water-fed poles has proved to be extremely effective in both result, AND reducing cost’s. Water-fed Poles also provide effective and safe cleaning to avoid risks whilst working at height.

Full members of IRATA*, PWC UK can provide Rope Access Commercial Window Cleaning, allowing access to work areas that would be impossible including sites above rivers and buildings where there is no roof access.

Access Platform (MEWPS) Window Cleaning work can also carried out, using platforms ranging from compact access platform machines which will fit through a single doorway reaching heights from 45 feet, to large hydraulic truck mounts reaching in excess of 120 feet.

Our water treatment system produces 100% pure water. De-mineralised water tries to return to its natural impure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. This means that the water PWC UK use for commercial window cleaning can dry to a perfect finish, with no visible mineral marks.

Forms of Window Cleaning we Offer:

  •  Cradle
  •  Traditional W/C
  •  Rope Access
  •  Water-fed Poles
  •  M.E.W.Ps


*For more information on the significance of being a full member of IRATA, please read IRATA’s Aims & Objectives.